On Point Wealth Solutions believes feedback promotes personal and professional growth. Feedback is about listening actively, taking the time to analyse, and then thinking of the best possible solution to perform better. It provides a medium for respectful positive criticism and allows people to see how everyone can change to improve their focus and results, no matter the pursuit.

“Damien and On Point Wealth Solutions team have helped us make sense and brought about true clarity of our financial situation both personally and in our business. Damien has identified genuine ways to improve our situation and allowed us to focus on what's important in achieving our goals. It is great to have someone we trust to talk to when we are making important financial decisions and is always there when we need him”

Mal & Bernadette Smith

"It has been difficult for me to personally accept and be honest with myself that I have not been great at managing my money, I myself got to a point in my early 40’s knowing that I really should have accomplished more than what I have. A chance meeting with Damien has been the best thing that has ever happened to me from taking action and making a start on plan that is delivering on my goals and having a realistic direction on achieving my longer-term plans. Damien’s approach is highly personable and very accommodating…..he just gets it and understands me. Damien is great with all the technical financial stuff / things but what I value most is his support – he has made me....."helped me" grow up….and I will be forever grateful"

Trudi – Self employed

"Damien and the staff are very professional, helpful and patient. They have looked at all aspects of our lifestyle and discussed goals to develop a financial strategy best for us. We have peace of mind knowing that our portfolios are being managed with confidence and we have a clear and realistic pathway for the future".

T & B Schofield

"Brenda and I are in our mid-40’s and thought we were all over it with our finances and providing for our family. We have a successful business that is growing and although it is very time consuming this is something for us we truly believe in. After meeting with Damien (upon the insistence of our business partner) and the journey we have been on was a moment of clarity. There was a point of time where we questioned our understanding of what we knew, what we thought we knew and frighteningly what we did not know. The gap was too vast and we were really missing out! Being grateful for meeting Damien is an understatement – thank you"

Shaun and Brenda O’Connor

"Damien's desire to see his customers achieve financial stability, have the appropriate risk cover and set them up financially for years to come is second to none. Damien delivers his excellent advice in an honest, easily understandable fashion and is extremely patient whilst making sure you have fully understood the advice. We are so pleased that a friend recommended Damien to us and would be more than happy to recommend his services to anyone else".

Grant Hudson

On Point Wealth Solution clients have agreed to share their story. Please be mindful that everyone’s situation is different, so are their choices and naturally individual outcomes will be different to your own. Consider your circumstances before deciding what’s right for you.